Consider What Equipped for Reading Success Has to Offer:

•A complete phonemic awareness training program. It is step-by-step and developmentally appropriate. There is no place for students to get “stuck.”
•Word recognition strategies. Learn over 20 concrete strategies to boost memory for words and promote rapid, effortless word retrieval.
•Resources included. The manual has many appendices with the resources and examples needed to quickly incorporate the word-study techniques into lessons.
•Multiple assessments. Four forms of the Phonological Awareness Screening Test (PAST) are included to monitor student progress.
•Based on research and field-tested. The bibliography contains over 300 scientific research reports published in professional journals, upon which the author designed this program. Also, earlier editions of this manual have been field-tested for over ten years by many teachers in numerous school districts.
•Easy to use. Once teachers are familiar with how to use the manual, the program requires little or no daily preparation. Just open the manual to the next item and you are ready to go.
•Written in a clear and engaging style. Concepts are covered carefully and thoroughly. The author does not assume readers will have extensive background knowledge in the field of reading research.